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I Don't Really Like It. . .

Your Absolute Naruto Life [For Girls] by KittyLo
What is your username?
What is your birthday? (no year)
What is your symbol?
Your Name & Meaning/RelationNatsuki Yuhi (niece of Kurenai)
Your TemperamentSilent, heart-broken, giving, doormat-ish
Your HairLight blonde with brown streaks, side swept bangs
Your EyesHazel
Your Features/BeautyLike that of a princess (fair skin, soft features)
Your Talent/SpecialtyExtremely talented in your element's jutsu
Your ElementFire
Your Best Friend (with chance of love)Ino
Your Other Best FriendKiba & Akamaru
Your Love InterestKiba & Akamaru
Your Other Love InterestSasuke
Your MentorAnko (You: "How can you eat that much? Lucky. . .")
Your Summoning GuardianDogs
The Song That Describes Your LoveClumsy by Fergie
Your Chance Of Finding Happiness