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Another One (and I think I like it better)

Your Absolute Yuugiou Life [For Girls] by KittyLo
What is your username?
What is your desired age in the Yuugiou-verse?
What is your desired color?
Your Name & Origin (first, last)Suzue Ito (Japan)
Your Deck (because it's Yuugiou)Duelist (with a cat-style deck)
Your Ambition/PassionCooking/having a bakery "that everyone would love"
Your AttitudeBossy, motherly, hopelessly romantic, caring
Your AppearanceBarbie doll features
You HairCurly black hair down to the middle of the back
Your EyesNo one knows-- you always wear sunglasses
Your Distinguishing MarkHas a choker/collar that is worn at all times
Your Best Friend (with chance of love)Seto Kaiba (how'd you manage that?)
Your Other Best FriendYuugi Motou
Your Love InterestSeto Kaiba (how'd you manage that?)
Your Other Love InterestHiroto Honda
The Song That Describes Your LoveIn Too Deep by Sum 41
The Chance Of You Finding Happiness


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Feb. 17th, 2013 03:09 am (UTC)
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