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My Yuugiou Life??? (or not)

Your Absolute Yuugiou Life [For Girls] by KittyLo
What is your username?
What is your desired age in the Yuugiou-verse?
What is your desired color?
Your Name & Origin (first, last)Suzanna (Suzi) Marie Clarkson (America ((South Dakota)) )
Your Deck (because it's Yuugiou)Duelist (with a cutesy/candy-style deck)
Your Ambition/PassionSinging/Becoming a pop star
Your AttitudeArtistic, cryptic, scarcely smiles unless with loved ones
Your AppearanceMarionette doll features(pale skin and all)
You HairLight blonde with brown streaks, side swept bangs
Your EyesBaby Blue
Your Distinguishing MarkHas black ribbon that is always worn (around neck, in hair)
Your Best Friend (with chance of love)Seto Kaiba (how'd you manage that?)
Your Other Best FriendMarik Ishtar
Your Love InterestJonouchi Katsuya
Your Other Love InterestRyuji Otogi
The Song That Describes Your LoveMy Girl's Ex-Boyfriend by Relient K
The Chance Of You Finding Happiness