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Look What I Made!

Your Absolute One Piece Life [For Girls] by KittyLo
What is your user name?
What is your desired age in the OP-verse?
What is your desired color scheme?
Your Name (obviously odd OP)Ash D. October
Your HairWavy, chestnut, shoulder length
Your EyesLime Green
Your Features(Looks, in general)Soft, genteel doll-like looks
Your AttitudeReserved, quiet, interested in how things work, adventurous
Your Lifestyle (but you join the Straw Hats)Minstrel
Your Quirk (as any OP character has)Eats insane amounts of food
Your PassionGardening/wants to "have an ocean garden"
Your Power/SpecialtyJanpu-Janpu Fruit (teleportation, with restrictions)
Your Canon RelativeMagellan
Your Mortal EnemyBartholomew Kuma
Your LoveRoronoa Zoro
The One That Loves YouUssop
Your Chance Of Finding True Love
Your Chance Of Fulfilling Your Dream
Your Best Friend (also with chance of love)Nami
Your Other Best FriendSanji
Song Describing Your LoveHanging By A Moment by Lifehouse
Your Clothing StyleArmy style (camo prints, cargo pants, collars, arm bands)
Your Marking FeatureAlways has a flute(and always plays on mysterious tune)