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The Strawberry Palace: KittyLo Kronicled

Boldly Pink, Sing To Think

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Princess KittyLo graces LJ with her presence! SHAAAA!!! [ . . . <<< 'tis our signature battle cry.]

Come into my sparkly Strawberry Palace, complete with my glorious fountain that dazzles the commoners by spewing Earl Grey tea, various bishounen-princes that glitter in the sunlight, and DDR in every room.

I seek those who share my-- how you say-- interests, so drop a word if you're lookin' for a friend.

Anything of meaning you have to say. I'm lookin' for abnormal people.

Dazzle me, babe. :]
'80s, baroque works, beanie babies, ben & jerry's, billy joel, broadway musicals, bubbles, cartoon disney movies, cheerleading, christianity, computers, conis, converse, cream soda, dane cook, ddr, disney, domino, eevee, espeon, fan fiction, fanfickin', fire fist ace, fluff, footloose, forever 21, fruits basket, gaara, gaara no sabaku, gaara of the sand, gary oak, girl talk with god, glenn beck, glitter, god, gyaru, happy feet, harajuku, harrison ford, hearts, hello kitty, high heels, hime-kei, himegyaru, himekei, hot topic, ice cream, indiana jones trilogy, insanity, ipod nanos, japanese manga, jesus, jigglypuff, kaiba, kalifa, kirby, kittens, kitties, larry-boy, legally blonde, lol cats, lolcats, love-cook, luffy, mac makeup, mai, mai kujaku, malcolm in the middle, miho, miho nosaka, miss valentine, misty, mokuba kaiba, monkey d. luffy, naruto, nefertari vivi, nico robin, ninjas, nojiko, nosaka miho, o'reilly factor, one piece, pandaman, pandas, pastries, penguins, pina coladas, pink, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pokemon, politics, ponytails, porche, portgas d. ace, powerpuff girls, ppg, princess, pugs, relient k, rhinestones, roronoa zolo, roronoa zoro, sabaku no gaara, sailor moon, sanji, sasuke uchiha, seto kaiba, shikamara nara, shikamaru nara, skip beat, skitty, sleeping beauty, snow white, spiderman, strawberries, strawberry, superchick, swinging, sxephil, tashigi, tea, teddiursa, tennis, the bible, the clique, tokyo, tokyo street fashion, veggie tales, video gaming, ygo, yotsuba, youtube, yu-gi-oh, yuugiou, zolo, zoro