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Oooh. . . Better.

Your Absolute Naruto Life [For Girls] by KittyLo
What is your username?
What is your birthday? (no year)
What is your symbol?
Your Name & Meaning/RelationOmoi Shiroi (interesting)
Your TemperamentTrustworthy, warm, friendly, able to change someone
Your HairWhite blonde shoulder length hair, usually with headband
Your EyesLime Green
Your Features/BeautyLike that of a gypsy (cinnamon skin, flexible limbs)
Your Talent/SpecialtySwordplay/disguise/jumping
Your ElementWind
Your Best Friend (with chance of love)Tenten
Your Other Best FriendNeji
Your Love InterestKankuro
Your Other Love InterestNeji
Your MentorShiranui Genma
Your Summoning GuardianFerret
The Song That Describes Your LoveAccidentally In Love by Counting Crows
Your Chance Of Finding Happiness