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LOL Okay (I'll settle on this one)

Your Absolute Yuugiou Life [For Girls] by KittyLo
What is your username?
What is your desired age in the Yuugiou-verse?
What is your desired color?
Your Name & Origin (first, last)Fae Selena Kyle (America ((Atlanta, Georgia)) )
Your Deck (because it's Yuugiou)Duelist (with a samurai/ninja-style deck)
Your Ambition/PassionWriting/Poetry/A book that will "forever be remembered"
Your AttitudeSilent, heart-broken, giving, doormat-ish
Your AppearanceStrong, stony, striking beauty
You HairCurly, pink, usually in a ponytail
Your EyesLime Green
Your Distinguishing MarkAlways has a book
Your Best Friend (with chance of love)Anzu Mazaki
Your Other Best FriendMai Kujaku
Your Love InterestHiroto Honda
Your Other Love InterestSeto Kaiba (how'd you manage that?)
The Song That Describes Your LoveThat's All by Genesis
The Chance Of You Finding Happiness


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Jun. 21st, 2009 12:51 am (UTC)
Okay I'll comment on this one. How come you always get a better chance of happiness then me? T_T

And why do you always get Kaiba too? And where's Atem too? ... I always seem to get Marik for some reason.

The one I settled on sounds more like me, and also I get Kaiba as my main love interest, with Yugi being my best friend with a chance at love. ^^ That sounds perfect.
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